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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  October 22, 2010 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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cholesterol because she likes hamburgers. listen, the to is not ideal but better in some guy's house whos havely cannot control her and that can lead to problems. good for the chump. what a week, everybody, stub with shephard -- "studio b" witd smith. >>shepard: the news begins anew. the father of a murders college student will do what it takes to find whoever killed his son. offering a deal to the killer's accomplice. the father will join us, live, with the details. in box two, the department of homeland security scrapping plans for future work on a border fence that is virtual, after already investing $1 billion. details on the delay ahead. and box three the discovery that could help humans live on the
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moon. seriously? it comes as president obama has now shut down the program that could get us there. really? all ahead unless breaking news changes everything in "studio b" but, first, at 3:00, here in america's election headquarters we are 11 day until the midterm vote, the president throwing everything behind democrats in the important national races in an attempt to avoid a political disaster. the president left san francisco and landed in los angeles half an hour ago. he will visit in a whirl wind trip across four key states. why los angeles? to support the california senator boxer who locked in a fierce battle with a republican challenger, the former c.e.o. of h.p. and this race is one of several high profile battles which democrats say they really need to win. team coverage following the action from ohio. steve brown has more information
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on the illinois race, but, first, live to los angeles. casey, we know california is a blue state but the president is spending a lot of time there. >>reporter: yes, he is and that is not typical. the reason is because there are several important races, several tight races where republicans are giving democrats a run for their money and now the democrats are hoping to use his star power to surge ahead in the final stretch of the election. this is about energizing democrats. and about raising last minute campaign cash. as we speak the president is here not far from where i am on the campus at a private fundraiser for senator boxer and it has been a whirlwind to you tour with stops in washington state, oregon, and this morning in san francisco, and then he will head to nevada to pick up support for senator majority leader reid who is facing a battle to keep his senate seat
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against tea party favorite sharron angle and will take the stage in an hour. folks are excited. >>shepard: what type of voter is the president targeting? >>reporter: well every step he has been focusing on subsets of the people. in the northwest there is a push to reach out to female voters because of a poll that suggests not enough women or as many women will turn out for the midterm election. he was doing campaigning for incumbent senator murray and in southern california he is expected to reach out to latino voters. when he is done speaking at this rally he will head to a radio station to do an interview with the number one spanish speaking deejay in the country who has a syndicated show so he is trying to reach a lot of people as we enter the final stretch before the election. >>shepard: casey, thank you from los angeles.
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casey, thank you. president obama has visited the battleground state of ohio 11 times now. he will make it a dozen on halloween. are the visits helping ohio democrats? a poll shows the incumbent democratic governor trailing his republican opponent, the former congressman kasich 51 percent to 41 percent and another says 58 percent say the support of president obama on strickland will have no support and some say it will make them less likely to vote for strickland. and now our reporter from ohio, the democrat in the case is campaigning on conservative issues. >>reporter: absolutely. strickland is a former congressman, turned governor, from the rural part of the state and he has been traveling around by r.v. in the appalachian region of ohio talking about growing up in a house with an
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outspouse, and the menu was raccoon and squirrel. and he made the point aggressively that he has the endorsement of the national rifle association with a+ and the opponent does not. here is what he said today. >> we are second amendment democrats. (applause) that's important. it's important because it conveys a value. it conveys an appreciation for the tradition that woe experienced and enjoyed during our upbringing. >>reporter: conservative traditional values that allow democrats to compete for swing votes, moderate, rural, conservative leaning, independents. in ohio that will have a big, big impact on the outcome of the race and he is in a dead heat
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race, in fact, acknowledging that it will be close and hinge on turnout and today he campaigned with congressional candidates to boost their hopes. >>shepard: is there evidence of the effect the president has had in other races in ohio? >>reporter: frustrating. on the western border of ohio you have the first congressional district where the freshman incumbent would love to see more of the president. in fact, he feels abandoned because the democratic party pulled the plug on the money and resources essentially deciding that seat will turn over to the republican. he would love the president visit him and he has not gone to that district in the other visits that took place here. and we have the more centrist democrats who see it as a doubling edge sword. they love the money. they love the support. but because of the democratic obama agenda -- health care reform, cap and trade, stimulus tech that is unpopular with the
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swing voters and republicans. it cuts both ways. the president plans to come back here, republicans are joking they love the idea it will be on halloween. >>shepard: thank you from ohio. good to see you. we are watching the show down in illinois over president obama's former senate seat. a contentious race between the democrat and the republican kirk. the mud slinging including accusations of mob connections and exaggeratessed war -- exaggerated war stories. in the end it could come down to a key group of swing voters. now the details from outside chicago in joliet, illinois. >>reporter: now, the suburbs are the power in illinois state-wide contests outnumbering city dwellers 3-1 but in this campaign, they are independents,
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traditionally late deciders and traditionally ticket splitters and difficult to court. both pares have, or campaigns, have been spending a lot of time to get them to come their way. this was thought to be a strength for kirk because it comes from a suburban congressional district, illinois 10. but polling suggests the margin is not that great among suburbites which makes the other campaign happy they have made inroads because the candidate did not perform well in the suburbs during the primary. >>shepard: what do the president's approval numbers look like in those districts? >>reporter: outside of one congressional district he won every suburban congressional district in illinois but his approval numbers are upside down this time. in this district, the district 11, he won with 53 percent of the vote in 2008 but the approval level is below 40
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percent, disapproval at 51 percent. so it is you it for anyone alieded -- aligned with the president. this could be a race that goes republican. >>shepard: steve, thank you from joliet, illinois. pentagon officials expect another huge document dump from the whistleblower website, wikileaks about the war in iraq. we are led to believe it could be the biggest release of american secrets, ever. stay tuned.
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>>shepard: after months of strikes and violent protests the french senate has pass add proposal to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62. unions across the country claim the fight is far from over. today, french police broke up protests and striking oil workers outside the most important oil refinery, a reported 20 percent of gas stations across france are dry today. the fox correspondent with the news from new york. the refinery was ground zero for the fight in france. >>jonathan: this is a refinery outside paris and the unions
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made a point of choosing it as their mainstay of the protest some ten difficulties -- ten days ago when they blocked all shipments to many, many service stations, in particular, in and around paris. and it was a crippling blow and meant a lot deliveries could not be made and they drew the line and president sarkozy he had no choice but to take them on. that is why this morning he sent in the french riot police. we saw battles. the cops say it went successfully. the unions say three of their members were injured in the fight. >>shepard: any chance it could be defeated when it goes for a final vote to raise the retirement age? >>jonathan: never say never. president sarkozy has a comfortable majority in both houses of the french parliament so it is likely when it does go
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to a vote which will be tuesday afternoon or wednesday at the latest, it will be passed, the retirements age will be raised from 60 to 62. the french people will have to live with it. the unions say they are going to mobilize for more days of action. they called for mass protests next thursday and another one on the 6th of november. >>shepard: to hear it from the unions it sounds this is just a start. >>guest: this is their main concern. they believe the raising of the retirement age is simply the first measure in a series of measures the president plans to introduce which would dismantle the extensive benefit system existing for so many decades in france. that is their big fear and what they are telling their members and why they are telling their members this we have to get out on the streets and protest. it does not look as if president sarkozy will back down.
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>>shepard: thank you, jonathan. the chat is ongoing at on "on the hunt." join the conversation at talk to jonathan. he is lonely. talk to him. 142 people are reported dead in haiti after a cholera outbreak. aid groups are rushing medical supplies, equipment, to the country. doctors say more than 1,000 people have become infected. it is a disease spread by contaminated water and can kill when hours. haiti is still suffering from the devastating earthquake in january. it killed upwards of 300,000 people. a new report claims the department of homeland security may cut the loss on the virtual fence along the u.s. mexico
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border. remember everything about that? according to the u.s. government more than $1 billion taxpayers a system of high-tech cameras and sensors to control the agents stop the drug smugglers and illegal immigrants. the costly project is only providing 53 miles of coverage along the 2,000 mile border. trace is live from the west coast. does the report say why this is to badly overbudget? >>trace: they blame the department of homeland security in part for not policing the project. this was supposed to be finished next year, and now they say 2014: 53 miles, $1 billion. do the math for 2,000 miles, a bunch of money. the contractor is boeing. and gao says they spent too much money and have not completed
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enough going on to say and i quote, "these factors have helped to create a contractor management and oversight environment which have produced the program that, to date, has not been successful, and if not corrected, can become worse." and homeland security has also frozen the budget of the real fence being built along that 2,000 mile border. >>shepard: what do we know of the mexican customs officials graduating from a u.s. training program? >>trace: we are talking about 24 mexican border agents going through a ten week training program here in the united states. the department of homeland security acknowledges if you are a border agent in mexico it is a very deadly occupation and the hope is they can get training here in the united states. then there is better cooperation between the countries. and also it would increase border security. but, if this works, they will do it again in subsequent classes.
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security is a big threat. it was a big object today at the graduation ceremony. there were no pictures allowed. their names were never released. clearly, publicity on the south side of the border can amount to a death threat. >>shepard: it appears. from los angeles, thank you, trace. the united states for years has been sending billions to pakistan as they have proven it is unable or unwilling to crack down on militants who attack american troops. there is evidence some pakistanis are working against us. and now we are about to send $2 billion more their way. stay tuned.
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>>shepard: and now the number of americans suffering from diabetes could skyrocket in the
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coming decade. according to a new report from the centers for disease control in atlanta reporting up to one in three adults in the united states could have diabetes by the year 2050. the rate now is one in ten. the report indicates advances in medicine help people with diabetes live longer but a growing number of overweight americans is a factor. the obama administration today announce they will ask congress for $2 billion to help, to better arm the pakistani military. but the proposal comes amid several recent reports that the pakistanis may be playing both sides of the fence. this morning the secretary of state hillary clinton made the plan public at a meeting in washington, dc, with the foreign minister. if approved, pakistan will use the money to buy u.s.-made weapons and ammunition. is this our best interest? with the questions concerning
3:23 pm
pakistan's loyalty. simon, hello again. we know from the c.i.a. they are working against us and trying to kill our soldiers and we giving them weapons? help me understand that. >>reporter: it is hard to understand. the secretary of state said there was no stronger partner against extremists than pakistan. with friends like that ... the thing it, it is tough. they need pakistan's support, the military support in going after people in northwest pakistan, the bad guys. but there has been years of credible evidence they are supporting the taliban. fresh reports this week that pakistan, and by pakistan i mean the military intelligence, were behind the attacks in india, the mumbai attacks. that is a big deal. with the one hand the pakistani army is receiving this aid but
3:24 pm
there is credible evidence cited over and over again by american intelligence and administration officials that pakistani is playing a double game. where this, what this money is going to achieve? hard to say. there will be military action in northwest pakistan. civilians will be driven from homes. will we build anything for the future? i think fan aid, trade, these are what we should think of more in terms of pakistan. >>shepard: does the history of the region tell us about what happens when you send weapons and ammunition and training to the enemy of your enemy? our history is long and pathetic. >>reporter: the history of supporting the jihaddist to fight a war in afghanistan and those people being the foundation for al qaeda. so, absolutely, history shows there is short-term gain that
3:25 pm
leads to long-term negative consequences. i spent a long time in india and pakistan, and from the indian perspective the action establish military is an enemy and always undermining democracy and they see it as a responsor of islamic extremism so by strengthening the military you are strengthening the core of their problems and that analysis is shared by many here. short-term game, perhaps. you have to find a way to support pakistan's battle against extremist. but is channeling money through the military the best way? it is not just about bombing people, driving them from their homes but adpowt the -- about the private sector and trade and development. that is how you get gains in the tribal areas in the unruly parts of pakistan. >>shepard: is part of the
3:26 pm
thinking that what you do not want to happen is for the military to overthrow the government and be in charge of the big weapon? >>reporter: the military is in charge of the "big" weapon with creeping reports of islamists in the region. there are concern about pakistan's nuclear camibilities -- capabilities, i am not sure how much to worry. but the point is pakistani military are unknown quantity and playing a long game and they think the americans will leave afghanistan and they continue as we hear, they continue to keep sheltering the taliban and potentially supporting them because they are a long term ally in the region. this is a tough region to crack. there are no easy answers. no stronger partner than the
3:27 pm
military, that's a tough one. >>shepard: is that the best we can do for strong partners? time to fold up. >>reporter: thank you. >>shepard: a college student gunned down in the prime of his life but the victim's father is using an unusual tactic to try to catch the killer. he will explained ahead.
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>>shepard: the bought o the
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hour. a plea from the father of a murdered arizona state university student. according to the cops, two suspects robbed, shot, and killed this 21-year-old sunday night walking home from the school library. his father is a criminal defense attorney and says he wants to catch the guy who pulled the trigger, obviously, and is offering to help find the defense for the driver of the get away car. he would do so in exchange for the identity of his son's killer. with us is his father. he is live with us this afternoon. very sorry. thank you for being here. >>guest: thank you for having me appreciate it. >>shepard: from what i read there are not a lot of leads. >>guest: there are 12 detectives working on this and there are leads. there is advancement in the case. the noose is tightening around
3:31 pm
their neck. and this guy needs to respond to my offer now because if the police arrest him. >>shepard: tell us about the offer. >>guest: i am modifying it on your show. officially i would help find a lawyer and i would assist at the lawyer's direction at the defense and i would go in front -- in arizona there is --. just for the driver of the get away car. the guy who did not pull the trigger. i am not overly interested in him i want the kid that shot my son. the arizona constitution has a bill of rights for victims, and you can participate in the plea negotiation process and allows you to appear at hearings and sentencing hearings, and i would advocate on his behalf, along with the later if he needed help i would find a lawyer i would help him behind one. however, a reporter yesterday
3:32 pm
asked a very good question which i kind of answered glibly but because i think about there all time i began to focus on it, and when you are preparing a case for trail you look at the facts and you look at the evidence from the other person's point of view and, in other words you look at it from the side of the enemy. or the point of view of the enemy and it dawned on me after the question, why should he trust you? i thought about that and there is not a reason. so, in addition to the offer i made, i am going to make an additional, i will modify it, and it is this. you come in, you give the information at least to the arrest of the man that kill my son and i will waive my right not to be interviewed by defense counsel under the arizona constitution, and i will work with your attorney behind the scenes or in frontsd of the scenes and i will work with him toward achieving a plea bargain that allows you to see the light of day because right now as it stands in arizona, there is a
3:33 pm
felony murder rule and that is, if you are participating in a felony that results in the death of another, whether you pull the trigger or not, whether you tried, it does not matter you are at guilty. this guy is look, at life in prison or potentially depending on the facts and death. this is the only offer he will ever get. the only time anybody is willing to help him. i am willing to help him because i need his help. >>shepard: sir, is it your sense, the belief of authorities your son was the victim of a random mugging and he was killed for whatever was on him or is there more to this? >>guest: no, he was killed for a three-year-old laptop and a five-year-old cell phone. my son's life was taken for less than $250 worth of stuff which leads me to another point. the guy that didn't pull the trigger needs to understand that the guy who did killed my boy
3:34 pm
for less than $250 worth of stuff. if that's how he values life, and you are the witness, you are the guy, you are the one that can lock the case down and put him away, you honestly think he would wait a second, a second, to pull the trigger on you if he thought it was necessary? you need to come in now while you are still alive. >>neil: thank you, the father of the late, a 21-year-old college student, whose life was taken in a mugging. very sorry, si, all the best to you and color family. we will stay on this. >>guest: i appreciate it. >>shepard: you are quite well. first, his group released tens of thousands of documents about the war in afghanistan. and now the wikileaks founder is back and ready to publish hundreds of thousands of secrets about the iraq war. stay tuned.
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>>shepard: and a shark attack just happened on the coast in california. it was a deadly shark attack that closed three beaches north of santa barbara, california, the victim was body surfing off surf beach but was not affiliated with the military. it was santa barbara city college student according to the local newspaper website. it happened 130 miles northwest of los angeles in the county. surf beach, is on the property of the air force base but is open to the public and the victim is not affiliated with the military. the beaches are closed for 72 hours, this is the 100th shark attack in california since 1950 but 11 prior to today have been fatal, a fatal shark attack
3:39 pm
today in california today northwest of los angeles. new word the whistleblower website wikileak could prepare another round of classified intelligence documents leak this weekend. a spokesman at pentagon expects 400,000 pages to be published on the war in iraq, or documents pertaining to it and it could be bigger than the release of afghanistan documents this summer. our national security correspondent at the pentagon, how is the pentagon prepared for the document dump? last time heads up was given to the news agency if advance. have they gotten anything from the agencies? >>reporter: weather they set up a task force of 120 analysts including members of the defense intelligence agency. they have been scouring through what is known as the significant activities database at the
3:40 pm
pentagon looking for basically reports from that period in iraq, and they have gone through the 400,000 pages of intelligence reports from the battlefield trying to look for the names of any iraqis that could be revealed in the wikileaks document dump which is expected tomorrow morning. here is the reaction from pentagon press secretary who said and i quote, "it does expose secret information that could make our troops more vulnerable to attack just as the leaked afghanistan documents, we know our enemies will look to see how we operate and this could get our troops killed." they are concerned about the chilling effect this will have on collaborators in afghanistan, and iraq because if the names of the iraqis come out there will be let try piewtion on the background and those likes could be lost.
3:41 pm
it is not so dangerous for u.s. troops serving because they have mostly, many, have come home and they are not active in combat operations. we still have tens of thousands of troops in iraq but they are concerned about the chilling effect it will have on intelligence gathering in the future. >>shepard: do we have a sense for how damaging the previous dump was? there were all kinds of allegations but not a lot of substance regarding many of them. >>reporter: if you take the defense secretary at his word he said in a letter to the armed services committee in the senate there was national security threat posed by the intelligence dump and the publication of the facts, in fact, and i quote, "no sensitive intelligence sources or methods were compromised," suggesting that no top level agents were in trouble over
3:42 pm
this. >>shepard: npr fallout after they fired the veteran news analysis juan williams and right now everyone has an opinion. and chris wallace will join us next in "studio b" but first log on to for updates to the midterm elections upcoming and while you are there check out a new election map on check out a new election map on "politics" link. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>>shepard: fox news contributor says he is outraged and broken hearted after losing his long time job at npr which fired him over remarks that he made about muslims on the o'reilly factor, and williams is saying the comments were taken out of context which the facts show they were. and now from washington the fox
3:46 pm
news sunday anchor. i remember in the days after 9/11 taking the first flight because we travel a lot and they said "watch, watch, watch, watch," and you feel weird about doing it and maybe you feel weird and maybe it would be great if he did not feel weird but juan said he feels weird about it but he said this is about getting past the fears, that is what the exercise is about mr. o'reilly, it seem like npr screwed up royally. >>reporter: i don't think they screwed up royally this was a pretext to get rid of juan williams. i think he was unhappy he is on fox network. they lean to the left. they were not happy although he is often the liberal in discussions here on fox, i don't think they wanted anything to do with it. and the main argument they have
3:47 pm
made is he was expressing opinions. he is an analyst and should only be involved in fact-based analysis and because he was expressing opinions and doing it repeatedly he had to go. so, today, along with a lot of other people i have looked at other npr staffers and analysts and correspondents and seen what they say. cokie roberts has written a number of things, writing a column with her husband, a "new york times" reporter and said last march about other colleague, glenn beck "he is worse than a clown, he is more like a terrorist who believes he has discovered the one true faith and condemns everyone else as a heretic and that makes him a traitor to the american values he professes to defend." i am glad in calling glenn beb -- beck a terrorist he did not
3:48 pm
do what they are saying juan williams did. and totenberg talking about corporations having a bigger role, the court she report on i scandal of watergate that is going to happen, again, i am glad she does not express opinions only one williams saying he feels open muslim people on airplanes. >>shepard: last night he talked about it more and tried to explain it is his belief that was not about been but telling how it is for him. listen here. >>reporter: this is an honest discussion. people have a real debate and you pointed out rightly in talking points, this is what i felt. i don't fit in their box. i am not a predict build black liberal. you are right when you said this comes down to, they were looking for a reason to get rid of me
3:49 pm
because i appear on fox news. they don't want me talking to you. >>shepard: we have known that for years but most surprising was the way they handled this. to suggest he is some sort of a nut job, when you say "discuss this with your psychiatrist," that seems horribly mean to an in creditedbly general tell -- gentle and kind man. we have to call out the head of npr speaking before an audience. she was speaking, not antiking questions, and she said as for his comments about the airplane and muslims, he ought to discuss that with a psychiatrist or his publicist which suggests either he is nuts or this was a stunt and as you say, sometime i agree with him and sometime i violently disagree on the sunday news panel but this was never a
3:50 pm
more honest man, never a man with a purer heart, although sometimes i think he is misguided. the point is to say he is nuts or just doing this as a cynical publicity move says more about her, than about juan williams. >>shepard: in the end, anyone who watches our network they know in the end we got a long-term deal with this guy and i'm not sure, i love juan and we are friends off camera, but i feel like his stock has gone way up. he will host the o'reilly factor and he got what is published to be a three year $2 million deal. good for you. rock on, juan williams. >>reporter: and a lot of the people who write us after the show and complain about juan williams in comments he has made because he takes the liberal point of view in our discussions here, are sending me e-mails today saying, good for him,
3:51 pm
expressing his views, and this will do nothing but good. when this episode is over, juan williams stock has got up and np's stock has cratered. >>shepard: great to see you we will see you this sunday on the local fox station with the football. tomorrow is football in arkansas, and no, chris, we will not talk about it.
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>>shepard: and a discovery that could change the future of space exploring: water on the moon. we have heard a lot about it but more scientists is than preferly thought think it is there. we are told there is so much it has the potential to sustain human colonies. nasa scientists report they found evidence of large ice deposits deep below the surface
3:55 pm
based on last year's mission. during that, the scientists smashed two spacecraft into the crater to gather data. and now, more on what this could mean, a science professor, david paige, thank you. >>reporter: there could be much depending on how far it is distributed and how far below the surface. >>shepard: what does this mean, big picture? >>guest: we suspected there was water but having hard proof changes the way we approach this in the future. we would like to go to many more spots in the moon and this water on the moon is found near the polar regions where it is cold and it is a frozen state so we will try to explore the areas in greater detail in the future and maybe bring some of it back and find out in detail what it is
3:56 pm
made of and where it came from. >>shepard: the thinking is it would have come from somewhere else hitting into there, right? >>guest: when we discovered the water we found a bunch of other compounds and these are compounds we find in comets. so it is thought the comets hit the moon, the water got cold trapped there in the same way that water and ice accumulate in the refrigerator. that stuff is just sitting there in a frozen state. and acumulated there for possibly billions of years. >>shepard: and the lead into this i said it is possible it could sustain human colonies. does that sound like a stretch? >>guest: no, not totally. we don't really have a fully feasible plan for a colony on the moon. there are different ideas about how to do it. but a key ingredient is to be
3:57 pm
able to live off the land. and when we find resources in the solar system that humans can use, that gives us a leg up in terms of doing it. fining a lot of ice is a big plus, but a question of how much. and how much does it cost to extract and use it? compared to how much it cost dozen bring it from earth. >>shepard: i have some thoughts on how to send up there, if they need some people. >>guest: who would that be? >>shepard: we will talk about that after the show. that is it for "studio b" and it is friday. at long last. on paper it does not matter what happens on parent, what matters is you have to play the game and we have beaten them two years in a row and i don't know why you can't go to the razor back gameo can't go to the razor back gameo and skin that pig again.
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